Collaborating with MidJourney AI

Hey folks. Most of you know me from the POV CNC YouTube channel, where I do woodworking, teaching and generally waste time trying to keep that cat away from the microphone. I wanted to share a different sort of project with you today. This one involves canvas, spray paint, lasers and Artificial Intelligence.  I have…

Wooden Lightsaber Mk II

This is my second attempt at a wooden lightsaber. This is the first one I have assembled out of a batch of 4. I will put the other 3 up for sale at $125 each. You can reach me at if you are interested.

DragonCon Photos

It’s that time of year again. Time to get inspired by the creative cauldron that is DragonCon. Special kudos to Connie for the fantastic River Tam cosplay (and for being a huge Gator fan).  

The Long Delayed DragonCon Picture Post

It pays to have friends who are insanely talented. Case in point… I took a picture at this years DragonCon that I was really pleased with. The lighting hit just right and I got a great shot. My only problem was a few stray people in the shot. I posted it on FaceBook with a…

Image is Everything

Images are one of the more confusing things on the web. The bigger the image, the slower the download. Lets take an image that is 266K in size (Usually pictures from a common digital camera are around 250-300k. Roughly 5 of these will fit on a floppy disk). The 266K image will take about 100…