Christmas Kitty

I would hate for this blog to just become a place where I post sad things, so here is something nice: We welcome a new family member this week named Rory. He is my Christmas kitty and a welcome addition to the home. He has a big personality and quite an appetite. He is just…

It’s been a rough year.

Valentine “Binky” Clark ?/2002 – 12/12/2017 I am sad to say that my sweet kitty Valentine passed away today. She was with me for over 12 years and was as spoiled as I could possibly make her. Writing her story down helps me remember the joy she brought me. Hopefully it will bring you some…

There is a cat sized hole in my heart.

Cricket July 10, 1997 – August 25, 2017 I lost a good friend today. He was my constant companion for a little over 20 years. My first pictures of him were taken with a 35mm film camera (remember film?). He was born a tiny, talkative ball of grey fluff with big blue eyes. And while…

Cat Christmas

Kitties get Christmas a bit early. They are kitties. They get what they want.

Pre Christmas

Pre-Christmas at my house. I have my tree up and about 80 hand turned ornaments. Now… if I can just keep my collection of furry little hellions from viewing the ornaments as a challenge to their authority.

Missy Bath Time

Sometimes, just being cute is enough. Missy takes time out from playing fetch to do a bit of grooming.

Who says you can’t choose your family?

Valentine’s Day at John and Kim’s is always a fun time. It’s an anniversary of sorts and generally lends itself to extra snuggling and such. This year Kim sent me on a treasure hunt where I found a cake, a balloon and some Valentine beer (My sweetie knows me). Then she tells me it’s time…