Further Adventures with AI

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been playing with the MidJourney AI to create artwork. The Algorithm continues to make amazing improvements and I am using it to create a ton of cool black and white art for engraving and canvas work:

These kind of designs really lend themselves to laser engraving.

I also started using a midjourney feature that lets you give the AI a reference image and generate art based on that image. For example, This is am image of my two cats sleeping together and here is the result of that image plus the prompt “Two sleeping cats”:

As you can see, the image is used as a “base” and the AI imagines different scenarios. After a few iterations, it came up with this one:

Which is just purrrfect. And ended up making a nice top to a cat box.

I’ve also been experimenting more with canvas and laser, so much so that I had to design a wall hanging system.

And then I made some more…

I am rapidly running out of room for things. An intervention may be required.