Santa Loves You All


Friends, many of you have felt a certain emptiness in your lives of late, a nagging sensation of unfulfilled desire. A dent in your very being that can only be spackled over with the loving application of carbonated grains and yeast.

I am here to tell you that your prayers to Santa have been answered… The Olde McDonough Homebrew Company is coming back on line!

Yes, since the tragic Kegerator crash of this past June we have been unable to meet the needs of the nearly dozen or so of you who have made the pilgrimage to frozen wastes of Henry County to sample the liquid love that can only be provided by a fine mug of ale, brewed in the traditional plastic bucket that has come to symbolize our devotion to your taste buds.

In the coming weeks this humble machine will be turned from its pedestrian refrigerator ways into a dispenser of brown foamy joy. Once complete, a celebration will be scheduled for its maiden voyage. Stay tuned.

The company wishes to thank Kim Skinner Clark for her loving donation to our ongoing scientific research in the field of brain cell reduction. You are a treasure.

Chief Brewmaster and Tester
John E. Clark