To everything turn, turn, turn….


Long time no post… Let’s see.. Finished my master’s project and graduated from Georgia Tech. My Grandmother caused a bit of a family commotion when she decided, at the tender age of 90, that if no one was going to drive her to my graduation, she would just drive herself. She is a pretty amazing lady. She managed to work my sister into the ground doing some yard work the last time they visited. I am very proud to be her grandson.

The graduation ceremony was a bit insane. It started at 9am, with the grads needed to be there an hour and a half in advance. I am told it lasted until noon. I however, did not. I stuck it out until around 11 or so and then could not take it any more. They really need to do a mass graduation next time or split the masters and the undergrads. My deepest thanks to mom, Jim, dad, Aunt Mary, Uncle Bill, Grandma and Kim who stuck it out with me. You guys are great.

After graduation, I needed an new hobby, so I bought a wood lathe (Thanks mom and Jim). To start with I am just making small stuff like pens, but it’s very relaxing and I enjoy it. Take a look

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