Takashi Yamazaki: The Returner

Picture this… somewhere in a parrallel universe, John Woo gets the script for Terminator and the script for E.T. at the same time. He can only afford to make one film, so he decides to combine the two and get those odd new Wachowski fellas to handle the effects.

The result would be the Returner.

There are so many reasons that this film should not work, but somehow it does. Much of the credit belongs to the beautiful Anne Suzuki and her co-stars Takeshi Kaneshiro and Goro Kishitani. Suzuki is the girl every amine boy will drool over, equal parts shy and mischeivious. She makes a fool of Kaneshiro’s Miyamoto with such a practiced ease that it’s almost unfair. Goro Kishitani, as the over the top villian named Mizoguchi, has the playful psychopath routine down cold.

The thing that carries the film is the obvious fun they are having with it. The Returner is good clean mind candy. Don’t expect an oscar winning plot, just expect to have fun.

Columbia Tristar