MediaWrapper Preview 3


Preview 2 is now available for OS X!

New Features include:

  • New DVD slipcase layout
  • MediaWrapper no prints disk labels
  • All Wrappers are now available with double sided printing
  • All Wrappers now have an option for a full page front picture
  • Added a new Wrapper for CD paper sleeves with a circular window
  • Support for multi-Session disks

Preview 2 also resets the usage counter so that users can take a second look at MediaWrapper. The final version will be out by the end of the year and will include an option for easy printing of CD labels.

MediaWrapper 3 features include:

  • Font Control
  • More Layouts
  • More control over layouts
  • Double Sided Layouts
  • New “Pay what it’s worth to you” License

Sound interesting?

What is MediaWrapper?

This version of MediaWrapper is a complete re-write of the original. It offers a new WYSIWYG interface for wrappers as well as lots of great new features.

MediaWrapper Interface View Larger Image

The Preview ReleaseThe preview release offers you, the user, a chance to get in your 2 cents worth. What new wrappers do you want to see? What features work well for you and which ones work not so well? The preview release also offers us the oportunity to make sure that MediaWrapper works as expected on a variety of systems. More Information

Font Control Font control lets you specify how the folders and files will appear on your wrapper. You can control font, size, color and style for the disk name, date, space free, folders, subfolders and files. You can also setup filters for Creator, File Type and File Name which allows you to change the font, color and style for those items. More Information

Font Controls View Larger Image Color Tray Card Example View Larger Image

More Layouts We have added new layouts for CD’s including 2 wrapper designs for cd wallets. The layout engine has also been re-written making it much easier to add new layouts as users request them. More Information

More control over layouts All layouts now have the ability to turn the logo on or off as well as the ability to turn the Date and Space Free fields on and off. This gives you more room for the file list. More Information

Double Sided Layouts A double sided option has been added to this version. Currently it is in effect for the CD Wallet versions only, but will be expanded in the final release to include all wrapper designs. Basically this allows you to remove the paper after printing page one, re-insert it into the printer and print page two. More Information

New “Pay what it’s worth to you” License Perhaps the biggest change of all is the new “Pay what it’s worth to you” license. This means that in order to register MediaWrapper 3 you can pay literally any amount. If it’s worth $20 to you, then pay $20. If it’s worth a dollar to you then pay a dollar. Either way you will receive a full registration key for the product. More Information

Things to note: This is a preview release. Some features may not work as expected. The best way to fix this is to provide good feedback to Twelve Foot Guru. Remember to include some information about your computer and printer so that we can work to fix the issue as quickly and efficiantly as possible.