Green Pajamas Greatist Hits

It’s no surprise to my friends that I like this release. Green Pajamas are one of my favorite bands and after 17 years, this band deserves a Greatest Hits CD. The selection of songs is first rate and provides a good overview of the band.The CD opens with the 2003 version of Kim the Waitress. While this version does not hold a candle to the live version on the band’s Lust Never Sleeps, it’s a good opening for the CD. They also manage to include 3 of my favorite songs She’s Still Bewitching Me, Rattlesnake Kiss and Just Another Perfect Day.

Usually I am not a big fan of Greatest hits, because they take the tunes out of context and tends to lose a lot of the nuance of a release. The other reason is that these releases tend to focus on the radio hits and ignore many of the turning points in the bands career. As this band has no radio hits, the first point is moot. The second point is still valid for long time Green PJ listeners. I find myself waiting for the song that came after the one I was listening to, only to find that it didn’t.

Anyway… If you don’t know the band, this is a good place to start. If you already have all of the releases, rip them to MP3, stick them in iTunes and play them all in order.

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